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Inbound Analytics

Do you know which marketing is actually generating leads for you?

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  • Understand what advertising results a call, text, chat or email.
  • Use that data to adjust, test and improve the conversation rates of your ads.
  • Reduce cost per lead and reap the benefits of marketing that really works.

Determine what advertisers generate
the most inbound communications.

  • Automatically attribute incoming phone calls, text messages, web chats and emails to individual advertising campaigns
  • Drill down to the individual ad itself if necessary
  • Increase conversion rates by
    making effective ad adjustments

  • Weed out your underperforming ads and ad vendors, change ad copy and placement and make other changes to your ads to increase conversation rates.
  • Test using live data in real world scenarios.
  • Connect prospects to
    the right team

  • First impressions are very important. Ensure an initial positive experience when prospects contact you.
  • Route inbound communications to the right team of people depending on advertising source.
  • Technology

    Ring central change
    • Traditional ad sources such as radio, television, magazines and billboard work just as seamlessly as their modern counterparts.
    • You can even use our call tracking system for business cards, pamphlets or postcard runs.
    • Install a ready-made code snippet on your website to link website visitors phone calls and texts to ad sources.
    • Automatically collect utm data from your website.
    • Collect utm data from your ad sources as prospects communicate with you.
    • Push this utm data to Google Analytics to augment your existing data.
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