Library And How-To Guides

Get Started

  1. Call 888.450.7990 or email
  2. Sign up for the desired TeleTracker features and send the signed Service Agreement to your Account Representative.
  3. Receive log in information from your Account Representative
  4. Go to and click on Sign In (upper right corner)
  5. Click on Manage Users. Click on Edit in front of your name and verify/update/improve your user information. Consider changing your password. At the bottom, click on Update User Account to save.
  6. Click on Manage Account. Verify/update/improve your account information. At the bottom, click on Update Account to save.
  7. Click on Manage Campaigns. Click on Create a New Campaign. Click on Telephone Number to Advertise and select the tracking number you’d like to configure from the drop down menu.
  8. Enter a Campaign Name. Enter a non-TeleTracker number into the field Telephone Number to forward incoming calls to. Select all the remaining desired parameters. Click on Create Campaign to save.
  9. Always call the campaign number to make sure it behaves as desired before advertising it.

Buy Phone Numbers

Steps to buying a new TeleTracker phone number:

  1. Call 877-254-1887 or email
  2. Specify how many numbers you’d like to purchase. If you have more than one account, specify which account should receive the new number(s).
  3. Specify the area code -or city- which you’d like the number(s) to be in.

Setup Incoming Calls & Ring Strategy

  • Straight to voicemail
  • Round Robin
  • Ring All Simultaneously

Status Values from the Reports

Here are the possible values that show up in the Status field of the call reports:

  • Answer – The callee (you or someone on your Team) picked up
  • Missed – The callee did not pick up in time.
  • Cancelled – The caller hung up before the callee could answer. Example: You call a teletracker number, let it ring 1 time, then hang up. Example 2: You make an outgoing call to somebody, but you hang up before they can answer.
  • Busy – The callee’s line reported busy or congestion.
  • Error – Something went wrong and the call couldn’t be placed.
  • VM – Voicemail (incoming only)

Missed Call Notifications

A Missed Call Notification email will be sent when the call is Missed, Cancelled, Busy or Error for incoming calls only.

Messaging Tutorials

  • Send an instant SMS text
  • Send a timed text
  • Send an event-driven text
  • Setup SMS Auto-Reply
  • SMS Delivery Receipts
  • Generating External HTTP Post links: View Video

Voice Tutorials

  • Basic Call Forwarding
  • Record an Outgoing Message
  • Record a Whisper Message: View Video
  • Record a Voicemail message (or Basic Voicemail) – Upload it: View Video OR Phone it in: View Video
  • Yard Sign Messages
  • Yard Sign Whisper Message: View Video
  • Outbound call recording basics
  • Outbound call recording 3-way call
  • Converting your MP4 audio file to WAV and uploading into TeleTracker: View Video
  • Call Confirmation, Agent PIN Entry & Business Extensions: View Video
  • New Ring Strategy and Voicemail Options Video: View Video
  • Call Reporting


API & XML integration – Your TeleTracker call and text information can integrate into Oplogic, Infusionsoft, Top Producer, VIN Solutions, Oplogic, Dealer eProcess, eLeads CRM or can be Downloaded to CSV format for integration and sorting into many other programs.

XML – You can use XML scripting to forward your call details to your CRM or Lead Management System.