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User Documentation

Welcome to Teletracker!

Teletracker is a cloud-based, universal communications system. Our product is a combination of a business phone system and a call tracking/analytics platform.

What we Cover in This Documentation

This is the documentation for our products and services and is designed for account owners, managers and end users alike. For developers, please see our developer documentation.

How to use This Documentation

Each section decribes a certain part of our product, what to expect out of that part, and how to use it. If you are viewing this documentation on a larger screen such as a desktop or a laptop, you’ll notice a navigation menu to your left that shows your current place in the documentation, plus all of the other sections. You can navigate through the steps this way. On a smaller screen, such as a mobile device, this menu will not be present, but you can use the small navigation menu at the top of each document. Regardless, the documentation is designed to step you through each section, so if you just follow it in a step-by-step fashion, we’ll cover all the important topics.

Let’s get started!