The Information You Need To Make Informed Decisions

Information Captured

Our premium reverse call lookup uses multiple databases to capture the latest and most comprehensive information on your callers. We don’t charge extra for this important feature. It’s included when you sign up with TeleTracker. And, it’s especially terrific when integrated with your Lead Management or CRM. Then all this captured information can be added to a new, or existing, contact record form on every call received.

Advanced Reporting

In the Reporting section of TeleTracker, you also have access to the following features:

  • Take Notes on a Call and save it. It helps with remembering the details of a client call. This also helps with coaching and counseling your team on their phone skills
  • Scorecards are available to analyze and score each call based on the criteria you select
  • Email a recorded call to team members. This is really helpful when a client has a question or a problem that you need to share with a team member. You can email the recorded call to your team, ask them to listen to it, and get better advice.

Remember, this call information can automatically integrate into your Lead Management or CRM, such as Infusionsoft, Top Producer, VIN Solutions or Download to CSV format for integration and sorting into other programs.

How TeleTracker increases the ROI of your lead generating activity

For every call received from a prospective client, TeleTracker insures that a telephone number is recorded and stored. This provides you with the means of contacting your prospective client. In addition, the telephone number is used to access a premium national customer database to obtain the callers; Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code information.

In over 95% of the cases this information is provided and allows for call personalization and mail follow-up. The caller’s telephone conversation or message is recorded and stored so that it can be played for information, follow-up with the customer or for coaching and counseling your employees. Invariably, in every sales, service or business opportunity the process begins with a telephone call. The proper handling of telephone conversations has been proven to result in more sales, improved client satisfaction and less mistakes. TeleTracker provides users with specific targeted information to help improve your employees’ telephone handling.

Lead generation is the most expensive endeavor for most business. Most companies don’t reap anywhere near the potential value of their inbound sales calls. Studies show that for many businesses, missed calls (calls that were unanswered and no message was left by the caller) often equal the number of connected calls.

TeleTracker provides technology to capture, organize and extract all the potential value from each of your customer’s calls. With TeleTracker, each call and the information about each caller is logged 100% of the time, including such information as full name, address, phone number and important demographic information. We log detailed information even when the call goes unanswered, when it rings busy or when the caller uses a blocked caller ID.

Information about successful calls and missed calls can be messaged to agents immediately as it is generated, can be delivered hourly, daily or weekly in report form and is available on a 24x7x365 basis through an intuitive, secure Web interface.

The Net Result: With TeleTracker, you’ll know more about your potential customers than ever before, you’ll never lose a lead, you’ll never miss a follow-up opportunity and, most importantly, you’ll turn more leads into sales – Guaranteed.

Types of Reports (methods of sorting your data)

Available Email Notifications and Summary Reports

Receiving Notifications and Summary Reports via email are a great way to keep informed while away from your phone or as another way to monitor the call activity of your business.

For all campaigns OR on a per campaign basis, you can choose to receive email notifications on the following types of calls:

All CallsAll but Missed CallsOnly on Missed Calls

Supervisors, Managers and Owners may prefer to monitor the call activity of all the campaigns with a Summary Report. With TeleTracker, you can select to receive a Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly E-Mail Summary Report(s) on:

Call DetailMissed OpportunityMedia Analysis