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Get Started

In the next few sections, we will give you the basic steps to get started with your account and understand how it works. First, let’s address some core concepts below.

We’re In the Cloud

This is a fancy way of saying that you probably don’t need to purchase a single piece of equipment to use our business phone system besides the desktop, laptop or mobile devices you already own. Our communicator works in your web browser, on your desktop and on your mobile phone. However, If you like the idea of a traditional desk phone, we support those also, but your experience will be limited because desk phones don’t support all of our features.

Note: You probably want to purchase a good set of headphones with a microphone.

What you do need is a reliable broadband internet connection, a set of speakers, and microphone. As the vast majority of the population has these, especially in offices, all is good with the world. The only outlying situation is on mobile devices, especially in rural areas where data connections can still be very slow. Not to worry! Our systems have special modes of operation for these situations.


In order to access any of the products and services, you must have at least one user on your account. Luckily, when your account was created, a single master user was set up with full permissions. Accounts usually have multiple users. Each user has a set of permissions, ranging from complete account access with the ability to change settings and edit billing information, down to end users with communication only abilities (voice and texting). The master user can add other users to the account as needed, and set their permissions.


Teletracker can be considered a suite of applications, or tools. Tools are divided into two general categories: Tools for managers and tools for end users. An example of a manager’s tool is the call tracking and analytics platform that gives you a birds-eye view on your entire team’s communication efforts. On the other end of the spectrum, an end user tool is the communicator, a cross platform phone and messaging tool that is designed to augment or replace a desk phone or cell phone for each team member.

Next Steps

If you don’t have an account yet, visit How to sign up. If you do have an account, our next step is to learn how to sign in to your account.